Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat - A Pleasant Experience

Finally, 2 months after the release of Maverick Meerkat, I ventured to install it on my laptop. After using it for the past two days, I found it to be extremely user friendly. The User Interface is very elegant. Hardware detection is
excellent. All the much-hyped features are no exaggeration. They make the user experience a very pleasant one. However, there still are certain rough edges that mar the overall effect. Nothing serious though!

My first gripe is that I am unable to add Facebook to gwibber, the new social networking app. It seems to be a well-documented and hitherto unresolved bug. It doesn't matter much really, but I wish this bug would disappear so that the experience would become more pleasant.

The next irritant is a more serious one. The synaptics bug relating to two-touch gesture issue still persists and calls for an ugly work around! It still requires a script involving xinput to be executed each time I log in to make multi-touch work with synaptics. Ok, but the greater problem is, that I have to execute the script each time I log in, resume from suspend or resume from hibernation, which I often do. I wish something is done in this regards as well.

Besides these two irritants the others are minor and can be easily ignored. Overall I am having a nice time using Ubuntu 10.10.

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