Sunday, July 20, 2008

Samsung ML 2010 on Slackware 12.1

The Samsung ML 2010 is automatically configured on Ubuntu, however on Slackware 12.1, the Samsung Unified Driver fails to install with the following error -

Unable to restart cups, script not found.

After going through the install script in the cdroot/Linux directory created by untarring the driver, if found that the para - restart-cups() in the script reads as follows -

elif test -e /etc/init.d/cupsys; then

it is obvious that the installer wouldn't work. So I changed it to

elif test -e /etc/rc.d/rc.cups; then

Moreover, the driver to be used for this printer is the one for 2150 and not 2010, that is the right driver is ML-2150 SPL II instead of ML-2010.

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